just laying here

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flip phone solidarity

hell yeah! i’ve destroyed so many droids that i finally gave up on buying new ones

If my mom texts me in the afternoon I wait to respond at 4:20 and today she finally asked me why

Erik Satie

Pianist: Daniel Varsano

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this hoodie match my splint cast

this hoodie match my splint cast

"[O]ne trillion, trillion, trillion years from now, the accelerating expansion of the universe will have disintegrated the fabric of matter itself, terminating the possibility of embodiment. Every star in the universe will have burnt out, plunging the cosmos into a state of absolute darkness and leaving behind nothing but spent husks of collapsed matter. All free matter, whether on planetary surfaces or in interstellar space, will have decayed, eradicating any remnants of life…. [T]he stellar corpses littering the empty universe will evaporate into a brief hailstorm of elementary particles. Atoms themselves will cease to exist. Only the implacable gravitational expansion will continue, driven by the currently inexplicable force called ‘dark energy’, which will keep pushing the extinguished universe deeper and deeper into an eternal and unfathomable blackness."
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I always feel like “the other Sam” on this site and any website I’ve ever been on but in real life the other Sams pale in comparison



good morning america lets get these bitcoins

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my favorite things are cool things and cute things

*coughs directly onto laptop screen*

"six selfies"

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How about a nice tall glass of purring maggot milk?

I’d rather have some Orc vitality drink